What I Go To School For

Has it really been a week since last I blogged? What’s the deal with Time these days? Have the Tories made cuts to that too? I’m feeling kind of like the ol’ Prof from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at the moment. Or, at least I’m feeling how I imagine he feels; confused,Continue reading “What I Go To School For”

Adventures in Dog

Well, what a jumbled week it’s been. Very nearly decided to can writing a blog since I wasn’t sure I had that much to say, but then the ghost of Marianne Moore haunted me, waving myriad personal essays in my face and I was thusly compelled to take up my keyboard and type for myContinue reading “Adventures in Dog”

Forever Starts and Ends Here

Another drawing I drew a while back and just finished this weekend. As we enter week 2 of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I imagine most of the performers already, or will inevitably, feel like this within a matter of days. (Click it and it gets big.)

Embarking and EdFringe

(This is my new blog. I’m hoping to update it weekly and will use it as a means of documenting my life as a poet, researcher, dog owner, comedian and artist. Doing this because I read that Marianne Moore wrote 5 personal essays a week while she was a student and while I can’t reallyContinue reading “Embarking and EdFringe”