Catching up with the Future

Oh, hello.

So…I went and got myself a website. No real reasoning involved, just thought to myself, “Hey, a website. Yeah.” Because humans, as a species, are impulsive, aren’t we? Us humans just do stuff, don’t we? We get an idea and just go for it. And I’m deffo a human, there’s no question about that. Is there? Answers on a postcard please.

Anyway, you may remember me from such blogs as the now defunct Rattle Bag, God rest its soul. I mean, I say defunct, maybe I’ll revive it at some point, because as we established, I’m only human and sometimes I miss the anonymity of it all. Y’know, just saying whatever the fuck I wanted about the latest Hollywood blockbusters and taking snapshots of shit celebrities in compromising positions without any consequences.

But I gots kids to feed, (I don’t) and I needs to start taking things seriously (I won’t). So from now on I’ll be using my “real”, “human” name to post blogs on my very own website. “But Marianne, what’s the point?” I hear you cry from your juicy, middle-class mouths. Well folks, not everything needs an explanation. So you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Peace out brothers x

Published by Marianne MacRae

- Not of owl origin

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